Police Arrive When I Found a REAL GUN! (Scuba Diving)

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Police Arrive When I Found a REAL GUN! (Scuba Diving) dename.info/film/0d2bgX2vx5qQnnM/video


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    • Hey Jake contact wrpb studios. Ask for Wayne. Wrpbitv@yahoo.com You're an adrenaline junkie so I was flung to invite you on a bounty hunt for a bail jumper

    • You still like to play with cars 🚙 me tooo

    • Me to

    • Your he best cuz I wached a video once it scared me and your videos helped me (I had nightmares for a day cuz of that) and how the hell do you find a gun

    • @Orbify same

  • I love how happy golf balls make him

  • "ᴼᴴᵎ ᵃʰᵃʰᵃᵎ ᵛʳᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵐ"

  • Plot twist: He trows those things and months later hands them to the police so no one suspects him

  • Where the fxk is that one dude who gives the time stamp.

  • gun

  • looks weird

  • I love how excited he gets when he sees golf balls. It’s funny and he has a lot of fun when he does 😊

  • I live in Gwinnett County In Suwanee

  • is it just me or its normal for a boy to have a gun? i mean my dad has a SKS

  • Got more than a million

  • Ngl i thought I saw a hand

  • Someone : "I hope I can win this lottery tonight" *(throws coin)* , *(wishes granted)* Jake : "Hey, I found a coin!" Someone : *Broke again* "Easy come, easy go" *sighs*

  • That's diyas

  • Anyone know what Ray bans Jake is wearing?

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  • DALLMYD so glad to see you again,have missed your vids.As you were the man to make the vids to gravitate me to watch these vides. With you and your buds!!! Keep it up Jake.👍👍

  • Jakes favourite golf balls👍👍

  • Great to see you guys working together!!

  • I like how he said gun are cool in the first part

  • When he found that coin said nope bye bye

  • yall realize theirs no usable evedince once the gun enters the water(~whispers~ thats y ppl throw it in the water) the most you'll get is the markings from when the bullet when it leaves the barrel, theirs no prints, dna, or anything that will ID who shot the gun. it is long gone so no closer no killer just a dirty gun that anyone could of shot. and anyone with a brain would report the gun stolen before using it to kill someone so it'll throw suspicion off of them.

  • bro just sent someone to jail

  • Jake finding golfballs is my daily dose of serotonin

  • ewwww a hi point

  • Wow you are so lucky because in India you will get only tobbaco packets rafers you'll not get iPhone 11 go pro 8

  • wow he yelled NOO!! lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 4:45 that's a 50p from the UK. Worth about $0.66.

  • Susan was right this vid did hit 1mill

  • hi point junk gun

  • U were up by were I live

  • *drops coin* Jake screams "NOOOOO" *SCRAMBLES VOILENTLY TO MOVE ROCK AND FIND COIN AGAIN* "o..... cool haha" I freaking love his reactions.

  • That is a disgrace for a gun. A High-Point. 🤮

  • what ever you found in the black bag its from India

  • Report that to the police the gun and you I remember your video Deathwish in a bottle with knives

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  • Its a haskell/stallard pre hi point. Def a burner

  • Talk to Britain about looking for cars under water. Adventures with a Purpose.

  • The coin I think is rare

  • They only threw it away because it’s a hi point

  • when he was finding the golf balls and he was laughing it sounded like a wichs laugh did anyone hear that?

  • I've never seen anyone so excited by sunken trash lol

  • jake kinda sus

  • Jake goes to talent show “what ur talent” Finding gold balls

  • Jake you are the best

  • I just imagine they're like "oh god it's that guy with another gun he found in a river"

  • 4:51 ignores wedding ring

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  • It did hit 1million views

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  • Hi point, probably criminal

  • This video will get 1 million views wow it really got it

  • Jake I just wanted to tell you that you helped me get through a dark time in my life. I would literally watch you videos and your positivity and happy outlook helped me get through days that were looking blurry. THANK YOU again for being a awesome human but bro please practice safe gun control i don't want to see anything happen to you

  • Hi

  • How does he breath that long

  • The FBI need him

  • I guess Susan was right this vid got more than 1 mil

  • Rats

  • Awesome finding the gun.

  • Pellet gun

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  • is that a glock16

  • i think their is dead people in the lake

  • Somebody was playin golf lol

  • Wow of all guns, a fekin hi-point.

  • I am in Law Enforcement and what you are doing is amazing. Appreciate everything that you are doing. Keep up the good work

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  • That looks like a high point, no wonders the owner trew it away

  • They let you hold the bag to get your prints bro you got to think next time

  • It’s a hi point... it was tossed because it sucks

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  • Come on Jake really "i thought we threw this out" and a black guy holding the weapon

  • Those round baked things which you found are called diyas, in India we fill it with oil and put a small cotton piece in it and light it in Diwali festival 😁.

  • Bet it still shoots

  • Susan was right

  • nobody: not a single soul: Jake: VROOoOoooOOOommmMMMM

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  • Jake: finds a toothpick underwater "I think this could be a potential murder weapon."

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  • I grew up In Gwinnett County

  • This guy he is not just looking for stuff he is also helping the environment

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  • Woah someone actually lost their gun in a boating accident...

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